The Birkman Method®

The Birkman Method® is not just another “personality test.” Most tests describe you in terms of how you behave, but much behavior is socialized, how we think we should be. The Birkman Method® is an assessment that goes deeper, and accurately describes the inner self that others may not see by looking at your behavior. And it can be stressful for people to treat you the way you behave if you needs are different than you appear.

A client's perspective on The Birkman Method®:

"As a graduate student pursuing a divinity degree and ordination, I had felt as though I had run a full course of inventories seeking to help me integrate and understand everything from my personality to my vocation. Having undertaken the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, the Myers Briggs, the Keirsey Inventory, and a multitude of other tools, it seemed unreasonable to expect new information, more “ah-ha!” moments, from another report. I could not have been more mistaken. Working with Nancy to interpret the information gleaned by my Birkman Report, I found myself shocked and pleased not only to learn new ways of understanding the information other tools had reported but also to discern the ways in which complicated personality traits, strengths, growing edges, and preferences interact.

I found two aspects of the Birkman particularly helpful. The first is its focus on communicating insights into how one’s usual individual style will translate into daily needs. Learning the ways in which I respond to having my needs met or unmet, outlining sources of stress specific to my own situation, was like shedding light into a room I hadn’t visited in years. It was all very familiar, but without guidance I had forgotten how to navigate. The Birkman reading provided that guidance, reminding me of my needs, strengths, and limitations and in some cases revealing them entirely anew. The second aspect of the Birkman that was extremely useful, as well as unique, was the availability and flexibility of a professional interpreter. Having Nancy walk through each aspect of the inventory, exploring and explaining my own responses, instincts, and reactions, was invaluable. Rather than handing down a final “judgment” of my report, each step was a process of discovery for us both in which we interacted to create the most apt, helpful, and complete reading possible.

After my experience with the Birkman, I believe it ought to be offered to every person undertaking a major change in life or seeking to more fully understand her/his way of being in the world. I’ll use my Birkman report as a resource for a long time in the future."

~ Julia B.